Equipment Hire

When pre-booking ski-hire, Snow.Holiday customers can take advantage of our great discounted prices through our local partner companies. We believe that you should enjoy your trip from the start and not have to endure the "nightmare" ski hire shop moment.  Our service package is designed to make this happen. 

In choosing our partner we have looked for the following:

  • Friendly, helpful, English speaking staff
  • Good equipment that is updated regularly
  • Staff who work hard to make sure you have the correct fitting for your feet
  • Ability to change equipment that doesn’t work for you – as often as you like during your stay
  • Discounted price of up to 50% on the list price on our all pre-bookings.  

On top of this we offer our SERVICE EXTRA PACKAGE at no extra charge:

  • We'll drive you to the hire shop and stay with you whilst you're being fitted out.
  • We'll take you and your kit back to the chalet/apartment/hotel you're staying in.
  • We'll collect all your kit from your chalet/apartment/hotel at the end of your stay and take it back to the shop for you so you don't have to.

What is not included:

  • Cover for breakage (minor problems we normally sort out with the shop for you).
  • Cover for theft.  This should come under your travel insurance –but it is a very rare event.

A ski "pack" consists of skis/poles/boots and a helmet, but items can be mixed-and-matched as required.


If you would like us to help arrange your lessons, please pre-book when sorting your accommodation and transfers (no later than 1 month prior to your arrival) we then sort these through our local partner company.

Group Lessons:

Lesson:     Ski 2.5 hrs per day (morning or afternoon) for 6 days Adult:        £185     Children:  £170 (max 9 per group). 

Lesson:     Snowboard 2.5 hrs per day (afternoons only) for 6 days Adult:        £185 Children:  £170 (max 8 per group).

Nursary (Not available in every resort): Ages 3-5. Snow play area for young children includes elementary ski skills. - 6 x 3 hours (a.m. or  p.m):      £185   - Morning and afternoon:                             £325 - Morning, lunch care and afternoon:  £360    (NB: parents need to provide the food for children).

During school holidays, group lessons happen on the afternoon on weekends.

Private Lessons:

Morning and afternoon lessons, available outside of school holidays only: From 9h00 until 12h30 or 12h30 until 17h00. During school holidays private lesson are generally only available from 12:15 - 14:15.

Length                 1 pers               2 or 3 people           4 or 5 people

1h00                       £45                 £52                          N/A

2h00                      £95                 £110                      £130

Full day and half day

                       1-4 people                5-8 people

• Half day:      £200                            £215

• Full day:       £340                           £380

Lift Passes:

You've come to get on the snow not wait in queues so book your lift pass -handed to you on arrival you'll be ready to go *
When pre-booking lift passes, Snow Holiday customers can take advantage of our great discounted prices through our partner company in France.
*Only available for clients who book accommodation and/or transfers through or via us.

So why get your lift pass through us?

  • When pre-booked we give you discount every week on adult 6 day passes.
  • You have no queuing no hassle - faster onto the piste. Lift passes will be placed with your driver your apartment prior to your arrival together with Piste Maps.
  • With our passes no photos are needed.*
  • With our passes if you lose them we will assist you in getting it replaced for only 5 euros.
  • We pay the cost of the plastic pass card (3 euros). We do not charge for these but do ask that you return them to us at the end of your stay.
  • Our passes can be swapped around your group -if you need to babysit you can use 1 pass between 2 people.
  • We help with any problems you may encounter with your pass.

Lift pass prices:

Lift Passes prices vary depending on resort and we work hard to negotiated a discount wherever possible

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